Celebrating St. Clair Nurses on World Health Day

With the proliferation of official “days,” “weeks” and “months,” World Health Day can easily go virtually unnoticed in most years. But the 2020 version is garnering more of a spotlight, and putting a special focus on workers who often find themselves on the frontline of care — nurses and midwives.

World Health Day is held on the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, 72 years ago, and celebrates humanity’s progress in fighting global health threats like polio, malaria, measles and more, including our current worldwide health crisis. On April 7, “dawn to dusk” advocacy is planned to support nurses around the world who play an instrumental role in that progress every day.

The WHO is encouraging everyone to take the time to recognize these vital caregivers by:

  • Sharing your appreciation by thanking nurses and midwives for helping to keep us healthy and caring for our wellbeing;
  • Calling on local leaders to do more to support nurses and midwives, such as making investments to help them work to their full potential; and
  • Contacting policymakers to fund education and employment, and to take steps to gather better workplace data to better allocate resources.

At St. Clair Hospital, we recognize the irreplaceable role that nurses play in the care we deliver to all patients. Our bedside nursing staff — nearly 600 strong — sets the tone for patient-centered care that focuses on the unique needs of each person who comes through our doors. And because they’re up close and personal throughout the patient experience, our nurses are instrumental in shaping policy and procedures through our Professional Practice Council. That includes launching the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program, alternative pain management approaches to minimize the use of opioids, and improving the admissions and discharge processes.

Our nurses’ commitment to patient care is evident in their commitment to ongoing education. The opportunities available at St. Clair help our nurses stay at the forefront of best practices, utilize the latest technology, and continuously improve their skills. In addition, we provide an array of career development opportunities through our partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and Robert Morris University.

One measure of our success in creating an exceptional culture for nurses is the tenure of our staff. On average, our nurses have been with St. Clair for an average of 10.5 years — an almost unheard of number in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world of healthcare. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of that culture, click here for more information on the opportunities at St. Clair Hospital.