St. Clair’s New “DOCS” Physician Referral Line

How big of a difference can a phone number make?


At St. Clair, those digits are designed to get you pointed in the right direction as quickly as possible via a first point of contact that’s as personalized as the health care you need.

And Kelly Pipich, Physician Referral Line Concierge, is ready to help steer you in the best direction.

“It’s all about customer service—delivering quality care to people who are in need,” she says. “The questions we’ll go through up front help tailor my efforts to meet you where you are.”

175 providers—and growing. More than 30 office locations throughout the South Hills. The St. Clair Medical Group footprint spans from Peters Township to Robinson Township, increasing Pipich’s ability to personalize patient access.

“Whether you’re a parent transitioning a child from pediatrics to their first primary care physician (PCP), new to the area, or you’ve simply never had a PCP, we can get you where you need to go,” she says.

Current medical issues or general concerns. Planned surgeries, pop-up ER visits, and lifestyle goals. Pipich’s information intake process helps set the initial course of care with the doctor you’ll be seeing next.

“Every day—every call, really—is unique,” she says. “And every day at St. Clair is an opportunity to help people in myriad ways.”

Here, Pipich leans into personal experience.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people, from my sister studying for nursing school years ago to caring for my parents and my brother who experienced debilitating illnesses at different points of their lives more recently,” she says. “Serving as the Physician Referral Line Concierge is great for me because I’m on the ground floor of building something really special for the community.”

Pipich is especially attuned to those who may not have someone like her at home.

“I pride myself on being a good listener and always displaying kindness,” she says. “Those things are paramount because of St. Clair’s mission of service while providing the support each patient deserves. The goal is to make you feel comfortable at every step of the healthcare journey.”

Pipich’s connection to St. Clair runs deep. She grew up in Shadyside before her family moved to Mt. Lebanon during her elementary school years, ultimately becoming neighbors with Benjamin E. Snead, the former St. Clair CEO. Year later, she worked on former Administrative VP and Chief Nursing Officer Joan Massella’s team.

“My family’s relationship with St. Clair has truly been a wonderful—really, a life-saving—experience, as both my father and my husband had heart surgery here,” she says. “And I was privileged to fill in for Joan while her admin was on leave.”

Kelly’s career has been steeped in reinvention. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh alum started out as an interior designer and spent time in New York at the outset before returning to the region and evolving into sales, administrative, and human resources roles.

“A big portion of my career, and, certainly the most rewarding part, has been working for non-profits which are near and dear to my heart—including facilities for intellectually disabled patients,” she says. “It’s always meant a great deal to me to be able to offer the service of kindness.”

Kelly retired early to care for family members who’d fallen ill. Her return to the office last November has served as a two-way street.

“I want anyone that I’m able to help to know that they give me as much as I give them,” she says. “Serving our community members, knowing that I’m contributing to the team, making even a small difference…that all really helps me, too.”


“The Physician Referral Line embodies everything St. Clair stands for,” says Beth Pittman, MBA, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, St. Clair Medical Group. “Kelly cares deeply about the community, and with a combination of acute attention to detail and heartfelt empathy, she works hard to ensure that your needs are met.”

Pittman adds that the DOCS line can also help patients connect more seamlessly to specialized care options thanks to respective teams of expert physicians who work together seamlessly around each patient.

“We realize that some patients may already be seeing specialists for any number of conditions and treatments,” she says. “A critical piece of primary care is finding the right PCP for you who can help serve as the future gatekeeper for all the care you need throughout your life and coordinate everything for the best possible outcome.”

Expert care from people who care.

At St. Clair, your care is now the main line.

You call, we get you dialed in.