Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities

St. Clair Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all patients.  

St. Clair Hospital is committed to ensure that all patients and visitors with disabilities have reasonable and equal access to the facilities, services and programs of the Hospital. Any patient who is disabled is entitled to receive services that are equivalent to and as effective as those provided to patients who are not disabled. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, services and auxiliary aids are available upon request. If any of the listed services are needed, the Hospital will make every effort to meet your needs. 

If you have difficulty in accessing the Hospital or participating in services and programs, please contact the Social Services Department at 412.942.2480, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.  For evenings, weekends, and holidays, contact the Hospital switchboard at 412.942.4000 and ask for the Patient Placement Manager.  St. Clair Hospital personnel will assist you.

The following has been prepared as a guide for individuals who are disabled and require information about accessing selected areas and services of the Hospital.


Designated parking spaces for the disabled are available in front of the Hospital at the Bower Hill Road entrance, in the Parking Garage on Level D, and in the area of the ER. For more information on Parking, click here.


Restrooms designated for use by disabled individuals are located in the lobbies on the First, Second, Third, and Fourth floors and in the ER, Cardiovascular Services and Second Floor Conference Center.

Public Phones

Wheelchair accessible telephones are available at the First and Fourth Floor Information Desks, in the ER, and in the Family Waiting area on the Fourth Floor. 

TDD Services

Telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD) are available in the Nursing Office for Inpatients. For visitors, TDD is available in the ER on the Third Floor. 


Wheelchairs are available in the lobbies on the First and Fourth floors, the Professional Office Building (POB), and in the ER. Volunteers are available to assist visitors using wheelchairs.

Dining Facilities

Wheelchair accessible dining facilities are available in Café 4 on the Fourth Floor and in the Cafeteria on the Second Floor. Assistance is available upon request. 

Automatic Doors   

Automatic doors are located at the Bower Hill Road entrance of the Hospital, the Professional Office Building (POB) entrance, the Hospital’s First Floor Lobby entrance, and at the ER entrance. 

Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs

Disabled individuals using dogs as auxiliary aides will have access to the Hospital, unless the dogs pose a significant health risk.

Other Services Available 

Other services available include:  TV closed captioning for Inpatients, signing and foreign language interpreters (including AT&T Language Line), special amplified telephones, and basic communication aids.
  • Services/Auxiliary Aids
  • Communication Symbol Sheet
  • Pen and/or Tablet
  • TDD (Telecommunication Device for Deaf)
  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Foreign Language Interpreter (specify language)

Special programs and support groups provided by St. Clair Hospital are available to individuals in the communitywho are disabled. St. Clair Hospital has a publication which has been prepared as a guide to individuals who are disabled to assist them in accessing the areas and services of the Hospital. For a copy of this publication or requests to meet special needs, contact the Social Services Department at 412.942.2480 during normal business hours. In the evenings and on the weekends, contact the Hospital switchboard at 412.942.4000, ext. 0 and ask to speak to the Patient Placement Manager.