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Ask The Doctor Video Series

In this series, Maria Abraham, PA-C, discussed neurologic services at St. Clair Health.

In this series, Dr. Paula Duncan and Dr. Michelle Harvison answer your questions on St. Clair’s OB/GYN Services and Family Birth Center.

In this series, Dr. Scott Holekamp answers your questions on colorectal health.

In this series, Dr. Chris Pray and Dr. Ryan Zuzek answer your questions on St. Clair’s cardiovascular services.

In this series Dr. David Hepps, Dr. Jay Lutins, Dr. Shailen Sehgal, Dr. Arthur Thomas, and Dr. Kevin Bordeau answer your questions on urologic health.

In this series Dr. Jason Biggs, Chair of Emergency Medicine at St. Clair, answers your questions about St. Clair’s Emergency Room.

In this series, Dr. Tara Grahovac answers your questions on breast health and breast cancer.

In this series, Dr. Maxim Hammer, Chief of Neurology, answers questions about stroke, including prevention and treatment.