Ask the Expert Video Series

In this series, Dr. Katherine Shreyder discusses important symptoms that relate to a heart attack in both men and women. Watch her series and learn more about how heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. 

In this series, Dr. Ariel Hofman and Shawndel Laughner, RNC, Director of Women and Children Services express how a pediatrician hospitalist is with you every step of the way and answers questions about your stay in our Family Birth Center. 

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St. Clair’s YouTube channel has every Ask the Expert playlist featuring all service lines available here at St. Clair Health. Learn more about each service line and common conditions from our experts. 

In this series, Dr. Richard Maley, Jr. discusses common symptoms you may experiences during different stages of lung cancer and the importance of quitting smoking.

In this series, Dr. Muhammad Salman discusses common cardiac symptoms and the importance of heart health.

In this series, Dr. Raye Budway and Dr. Vincent Reyes team up to discuss St. Clair Health’s affiliation with UPMC Hillman Cancer Center and what this means for patients. In addition, the physicians touch on important cancer-related topics, highlighting the newest treatment options available today.

In this series, Dr. Bruce Wright, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at St. Clair Health discusses the challenges that patients may face and treatment options that are available.

Dr. Bibianna Klepchick, Director of Breast Imaging at the St. Clair Hospital Breast Care Center discusses the importance of annual mammography screenings and how technology has advanced over the years to help with early detection. 

In this series, Dr. John Sullivan, Chief Medical Officer, discusses how our collaboration with Mayo Clinic has helped us work through the COVID-19 pandemic and explains how our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network benefits our patients.

Dr. Emily Gleason discusses the importance of annual wellness visits and highlights how to prepare your children for heading back to school. 

In this series, Tala Achkar, MD discusses immunotherapy and different medical problems that require evaluation by a hematologist and oncologist. 

In this series, Felicia Snead, MD answered questions concerning  radiation oncology and how it may affect your body.                   

In this series, Maria Abraham, PA-C, discussed neurologic services at St. Clair Health.

In this series, Dr. Paula Duncan and Dr. Michelle Harvison answer your questions on St. Clair’s OB/GYN Services and Family Birth Center.

In this series, Dr. Scott Holekamp answers your questions on colorectal health.

In this series, Dr. Chris Pray and Dr. Ryan Zuzek answer your questions on St. Clair’s cardiovascular services.

In this series Dr. David Hepps, Dr. Jay Lutins, Dr. Shailen Sehgal, Dr. Arthur Thomas, and Dr. Kevin Bordeau answer your questions on urologic health.

In this series Dr. Jason Biggs, Chair of Emergency Medicine at St. Clair, answers your questions about St. Clair’s Emergency Room.

In this series, Dr. Tara Grahovac answers your questions on breast health and breast cancer.

In this series, Dr. Maxim Hammer, Chief of Neurology, answers questions about stroke, including prevention and treatment.