Working Together. For a Healthier You.

St. Clair Hospital is among the nation’s leaders in high quality, high value health care. Because of its commitment to excellence, in 2016 St. Clair was selected to be a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

This clinical collaboration – unique to western Pennsylvania – provides St. Clair’s outstanding physicians with direct access to the world-renowned expertise of Mayo Clinic. It ensures that St. Clair’s patients, even those with the most challenging medical diagnoses, receive the highest standard of care, close to home, at no additional cost.

Why collaborate with Mayo Clinic?

At the core of this decision is the fact that St. Clair and Mayo Clinic share the same philosophy of patient-centered care. Our teams each want to ensure the patient comes first in every decision as part of their care regimen. This thought has been the driving force behind our efforts to form a close working clinical relationship with one of the top care givers in the nation.

By aligning our missions and working together, and by making Mayo’s immense resources readily available to St. Clair staff members, our teams enhance the expertise of our clinicians – and create a healthier future for our patients.

With these resources to draw upon, St. Clair stands poised to further enhance its quality and capabilities in meeting the health care needs of patients throughout the region. 

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St. Clair Hospital Joins Mayo Clinic Care Network