St. Clair Hospital – Delivering the Highest Level of Orthopedic Care

According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, the demand for orthopedic surgery has increased. This increase is largely due to longer longer life spans of Americans, aging Baby Boomers, increasing obesity, and the popularity of extreme sports, along with advances in orthopedics and sports medicine. In fact, the number of people having knee replacement has doubled in just 10 years, and younger people are having joint replacements.

Major orthopedic surgery is an enormous undertaking for anyone. Whether it’s hand surgery, a spinal fusion or a knee replacement, every patient is entitled to the best care possible. And at St. Clair Hospital, you can expect just that. St. Clair’s orthopedic surgery program, excellence is not simply a standard to aspire to — it is everything. There is an ethic of excellence that permeates the entire scope of the service, cascading through every tier of the patient’s experience. It has become the culture. All members of the orthopedic surgery team — the surgeons, the operating room (OR) staff, the nurses and nurse managers, the physical therapists and support staff — are dedicated, consummate professionals who have chosen this specialty and share a passion for their mission. Orthopedic care at St. Clair Hospital is complex, high-tech and meticulously coordinated, but it is also personal.

Across a seamless continuum of care, from the first office visit through graduation from rehab, the care is based on solid science and best practices research. With an emphasis on minimizing pain, eliminating complications and individualizing care to the unique needs of each patient, St. Clair delivers impeccable orthopedic surgical care.

For those whose lives have been interrupted by injury or diminished by the cruel pain and limitations of arthritis, orthopedic surgery at St. Clair can relieve pain, restore mobility, renew lives and sometimes even transform them.

This story is an edited version of a full report published in our Fall 2017 edition of HouseCall. If you want to read the full write-up — which includes more information — you can visit the St.Clair website and download a copy of our Fall 2017 HouseCall here.