Nutritional Services

St. Clair Hospital Nutritional Services offers patients medical nutrition therapy to help aid and speed their recovery. The Hospital recognizes, though, that nutritious meals must also taste good, be delivered on time, at the right temperature, and served with proper presentation.

To that end, St. Clair has partnered with Cura Hospitality, a leading specialist in health care and acute care dining, to provide a fresh new approach to nutritional services – one that focuses on patient satisfaction, while delivering exceptional dining experiences for patients. Cura combines a fresh approach to food preparation that supports local farms, with clinical expertise in providing healthful menus designed to enhance the healing process.

The Hospital’s inpatient menu features a wide selection of appetizing soups, hot and cold entrees, fresh vegetables, and desserts that meet patients’ nutritional needs while fulfilling their epicurean tastes. The menu is cyclical. Made-to-order menu selections range from three cheese and ham omelets and cinnamon raisin French toast for breakfast, to spinach salad, roast beef and fresh green beans for lunch, to French onion soup, Maryland-style crab cakes, California grilled chicken breasts, baked cod, garden rice blend and parsley noodles for dinner, to cherry and blueberry cobbler and chilled pears for dessert. 

The Hospital uses “Menu Concierges” sporting white shirts, black slacks and matching vests, to personally take each patient’s dining order for breakfast, lunch and dinner on hand-held devices that send the order electronically to the Hospital’s executive chef. The use of such high-speed technology permits patients to change their orders as their appetite wanes or grows throughout the day. The concierges are patient-focused, well-versed on the menu selections, and work in concert with the Hospital’s registered dietitians, so they can help guide patients who might have special dietary needs through the meal choices. They deliver each meal, following up with patients to ensure satisfaction and satiation.A supplemental “Always Available” menu is also at the ready for patients who wish to choose from a standard menu featuring 10 to 15 items. 

Patients’ families can also enjoy delicious, nutritious offerings in the Hospital’s cafeteria and Café 4, the latter of which features salads-by-design, made-to-order sandwiches, paninis, soup, baked goods, gourmet coffee and more. 

Nutritional Services for Inpatients

Patients are provided with a wealth of education materials to take home so they can continue the healthful eating habits they learned and practiced in the Hospital. Because many of the inpatients in need of a comprehensive nutrition plan are suffering from long-term illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer, they often are referred to outpatient services following discharge from the Hospital.Each patient who is admitted to the Hospital is given a nutrition risk assessment. A patient deemed “at risk” is assigned a registered dietitian who conducts a more detailed assessment. That assessment includes an extensive chart review of a patient’s condition, the taking of a detailed history (which might include interviewing family members) and an evaluation of the patient’s readiness to learn. Then, a detailed plan of action that could include diet education, modification of diet, supplementation of diet or the use of alternative forms of nutrition support is put into place. The goal is to enhance the healing environment by maximizing nutrient intake, which can help reduce the length of hospitalization and greatly increase overall patient satisfaction. 

Nutritional Services for Outpatients 

St. Clair Hospital offers comprehensive counseling for patients in need of nutritional services on an outpatient basis. Outpatient services include in-depth, one-on-one counseling at the Hospital or at the Diabetes Center at St. Clair Hospital Outpatient Center at Village Square, 2000 Oxford Drive, Bethel Park. Most nutritional services for outpatients require a physician order and are covered by health insurance. St. Clair also offers a discounted self-pay program.

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More Information

For more information on Nutritional Services, please call 412-942-2150.

Health Guide: Learn more about healthy eating.