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Neurontin side effects: How do I manage them?

Some Neurontin side effects can be troubling and require evaluation by your doctor.

Genital herpes: Can you get it from a toilet seat?

It's unlikely you would get genital herpes or a similar infection from a toilet seat.

PrEP: How effective is it at preventing HIV?

Find out how pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can prevent HIV infection.

Fetal development: The 2nd trimester

Fetal development progresses rapidly in the second trimester. Check out the weekly changes.

Overdue pregnancy: What to do when baby's overdue

Overdue pregnancy? Understand why it happens and what's next.

Paget's disease of the breast

Paget's disease of the breast — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment of this rare breast cancer.

Cholestasis of pregnancy

Cholestasis of pregnancy makes an expectant mom very itchy, and it can be dangerous for her baby. Know the causes and treatment.

Breast cysts

A firm, round lump in breast tissue could be a fluid-filled cyst. Typically not cancerous, breast cysts often need no treatment.

Fetal macrosomia

When a baby in utereo grows much larger than average for gestational age, it can lead to complications during childbirth for both mother and baby.

Mammary duct ectasia

Mammary duct ectasia is a noncancerous breast condition that affects the milk ducts. Learn the signs and symptoms and when treatment might be needed.

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