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Alcohol intolerance

Having an immediate reaction after drinking alcohol, such as a stuffy nose and skin flushing, might indicate alcohol intolerance.

Peptic ulcer

This common condition, caused by a bacterial infection in the stomach, is usually curable with antibiotics. Sometimes, acid-reducing drugs are also needed.

Blood in urine (hematuria)

Seeing blood in your urine can be alarming. Although the cause might be benign, it's important to see a doctor in case the cause is more serious.

Numbness in hands

Numbness in hands: Symptom — Overview looks at what might cause this problem.

COVID-19 and your mental health

Stress and anxiety about COVID-19 can be overwhelming. You may worry about getting the virus, the length of the pandemic and the future. Learn how to cope.

Telemedicine: How to have an online visit with your doctor

Telemedicine (video) consultations can be a game changer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how to make the most of face time with your doctor online.


Hyponatremia is the term used when your blood sodium is too low. Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment of this potentially dangerous condition.

Motion sickness: First aid

Any type of transportation can bring on the nausea and dizziness of motion sickness. Here are ways to keep it at bay.

Foreign object swallowed: First aid

Here’s how to administer first aid for a swallowed foreign object.

Lead poisoning

Learn about lead poisoning symptoms and treatment of lead exposure in children and adults. Explore ways to keep your kids safe from lead exposure.

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