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Oral cancer screening

Learn about the benefits and limitations of tests to detect mouth cancer.

HPV vaccine: Who needs it, how it works

Learn about how the HPV vaccine works, who needs it and what side effects to expect.

Red wine and resveratrol: Good for your heart?

Find out why red wine is thought to be good for your heart and how to enjoy it in a healthy way.

Choking: First aid

Be prepared to provide emergency first aid if you or someone else is choking.

Contact tracing and COVID-19: What is it and how does it work?

Find out more about contact tracing and how it can help during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Alzheimer's and dementia: When to stop driving

Mild symptoms of Alzheimer's or related disorders increase the risk for unsafe driving. Know how to help a person transition from driving to other options.

Family therapy

Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Stress management: Know your triggers

Stress management: Understanding your stress triggers is essential to stress relief.

Alcohol use: Weighing risks and benefits

Light to moderate alcohol use may have some potential health benefits. But heavy drinking, including binge drinking, carries serious health risks.


Some forms of this inherited blood disorder usually show up before the age of 2, often causing anemia. More severe forms of the disease require regular blood transfusions.

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