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Nipple discharge

Fluid leaking from the nipples isn't usually a sign of breast cancer. Learn more about the possible causes and when to see a doctor.

Canalith repositioning procedure

Here's what to expect from the canalith repositioning procedure, a series of simple, effective maneuvers to help relieve a certain type of vertigo.

Knee osteotomy

If you have arthritis damage in just one area of your knee, osteotomy might buy some time before you need total knee replacement.

Lyme disease

The most common tick-borne illness in North America and Europe, Lyme disease is caused by the bite of an infected tick.

HPV vaccine: Who needs it, how it works

Learn about how the HPV vaccine works, who needs it and what side effects to expect.

Oral cancer screening

Learn about the benefits and limitations of tests to detect mouth cancer.

Breast-feeding vs. formula-feeding: What's best?

Breast-feeding is best, but deciding between breast-feeding and formula-feeding is sometimes tough. Learn about how each may affect your baby.

Toe walking in children

Walking on toes or the balls of the feet is fairly common in children who are learning to walk. Most children outgrow it.

Mesenteric ischemia

Mesenteric ischemia can come on suddenly or develop over time. Find out more about this condition that restricts blood flow to the small intestine.

Slide show: Labor positions

Consider positions that might help you relax and ease pain during labor.

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