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Separated shoulder

A separated shoulder is an injury to the ligaments that hold your collarbone to your shoulder blade. Learn about causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Overuse injury: How to prevent training injuries

Don't let an overuse injury sideline your health goals. Try these tips to keep your fitness routine on track and injury-free.

Blood glucose meter: How to choose

Read tips on finding a blood glucose meter that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Red wine and resveratrol: Good for your heart?

Find out why red wine is thought to be good for your heart and how to enjoy it in a healthy way.

Choking: First aid

Be prepared to provide emergency first aid if you or someone else is choking.

Contact tracing and COVID-19: What is it and how does it work?

Find out more about contact tracing and how it can help during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Alzheimer's and dementia: When to stop driving

Mild symptoms of Alzheimer's or related disorders increase the risk for unsafe driving. Know how to help a person transition from driving to other options.

Family therapy

Family therapy is a type of psychological counseling that can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Stress management: Know your triggers

Stress management: Understanding your stress triggers is essential to stress relief.

Alcohol use: Weighing risks and benefits

Light to moderate alcohol use may have some potential health benefits. But heavy drinking, including binge drinking, carries serious health risks.

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