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Herniated disk

Herniated disks occur most often in the lower back. In many cases, they cause no symptoms and require no treatment. Surgery is rarely required.

Reye's syndrome

Learn more about the causes and treatment of Reye's syndrome, a rare but serious condition causing swelling in the liver and brain.

Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)

Learn about symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment, including transplant, for this rare cancer that affects the bile ducts of older adults.

Coronary angioplasty and stents

Coronary angioplasty and stents can open clogged arteries and improve blood flow to the heart.

Cervical spondylosis

As people age, the spinal disks in the neck shrink and bone spurs often develop. If symptoms occur, nonsurgical treatments are usually effective.

Mammogram guidelines: What are they?

Latest Mayo Clinic mammogram guidelines for breast cancer screening.

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

In this rare disease, tumors in the digestive tract cause excess production of a hormone that increases stomach acid, leading to peptic ulcers.

Pulmonary hypertension

Learn more about the warning signs and treatment of high blood pressure in the lungs.

Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis

Learn about symptoms, risk factors and possible treatments for this rare disorder in people with advanced kidney disease.

Pericardial effusion

Learn the symptoms, causes and treatment of excess fluid around the heart.

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