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Mammogram guidelines: What are they?

Latest Mayo Clinic mammogram guidelines for breast cancer screening.

Sex headaches

Sex headaches — Comprehensive overview covers causes, treatment of this variety of headache.

Dressler syndrome

Learn about the symptoms and treatment of inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart in post-cardiac injury syndromes.

Coronary angioplasty and stents

Coronary angioplasty and stents can open clogged arteries and improve blood flow to the heart.

Liver hemangioma

A liver hemangioma is a noncancerous mass that typically doesn't need treatment. Find out more about this common liver condition and when to get treatment.

Active surveillance for prostate cancer

Learn about why doctors may recommend active surveillance for prostate cancer and what to expect.

Secondary hypertension

Learn more about high blood pressure that's caused by another medical condition. Find out about risk factors and treatments to help you stay healthy.

Needle biopsy

Common needle biopsy procedures include fine-needle aspiration and core needle biopsy.


Displaced endometrial tissue from adenomyosis can cause an enlarged uterus and painful, heavy periods.

Functional neurologic disorder/conversion disorder

This disorder includes nervous system symptoms affecting movement or the senses that are not caused by medical disease. Treatment can help with recovery.

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