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Learn more about this common facial skin condition, including symptoms, triggers, good skin care and medications to treat it.

Myelodysplastic syndromes

Learn how medications and bone marrow transplants are used to control complications caused by these syndromes that affect the bone marrow.

Night Sweats

Significant perspiration during sleep, usually has an underlying cause such as menopause, an illness, or medication side effect.

Discolored baby teeth: A cause for concern?

Baby teeth can become discolored for many reasons, including inadequate brushing, medications and illness.

Adult day service: What you need to know

Understand what an adult day service can do for your loved one, including providing supervision, meals and medical help.

Sweating and body odor

Learn more about the causes, treatment and self-care of this normal skin condition. Unusual changes may mean a medical problem.


Learn about the types, symptoms, causes and treatments — moisturizers and medications — for this itchy skin condition that affects people of all ages.


Learn about the causes of this sometimes embarrassing, flaky scalp disorder and which medicated shampoos and self-care habits may help control it.

Prescription drug abuse

Using a prescription medication in a way not intended by the doctor can lead to drug abuse. Learn about risk factors and treatment for drug misuse.

Falling during pregnancy: Reason to worry?

Here's what to consider after a fall during pregnancy, including when to seek medical attention.

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