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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery's goal is to improve your appearance. Cosmetic surgery can involve dramatic changes, so it's important to understand what it involves.


Learn about this common breast lump. It is not cancer. Unless you have symptoms that bother you, treatment might not be needed.

Upper endoscopy

In upper endoscopy, a tiny camera is used to visually examine your upper digestive system. Find out what to expect.

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

This inherited blood vessel disorder can cause severe nosebleeds, strokes, bleeding in the digestive tract and anemia.

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps — pain in the lower abdomen just before or during menstrual periods — can range from mild to severe. Learn about treatment options.

Sex headaches

Learn about the causes and treatment of this type of headache.

Breast cancer staging

Breast cancer staging helps your doctor select the most appropriate treatments.

Eisenmenger syndrome

There's no cure for this serious complication of a heart defect, but treatments help control symptoms and improve quality of life.

Vascular dementia

Learn more about this stroke-related type of dementia that causes memory loss and reasoning problems. Prevention is possible, and good heart health is key.

Ewing sarcoma

Learn about diagnosis and treatment of this bone and soft tissue cancer, including chemotherapy, radiation, proton beam therapy and limb-saving surgery.

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