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Placental abruption

This uncommon pregnancy complication, in which the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus, can endanger both the mother and the baby.

Can vaginal tears during childbirth be prevented?

Learn what you can do to help lower the risk of vaginal tears during childbirth.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Learn about this possible complication of fertility treatments and how to recognize when you need to contact your care team.

Primary ovarian insufficiency

This condition, also called premature ovarian failure, happens in women under age 40. Hormone therapy can lessen symptoms.


Learn the reasons this surgical procedure to deliver a baby is done, the risks and tips for recovery.

Depression during pregnancy: You're not alone

Depression during pregnancy often goes unrecognized. Understand the risk factors for and signs and symptoms of this condition.

Postpartum hemorrhage

Too much bleeding after a baby is born.

Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy: Prevention tips

Are you getting enough iron? Know how to spot the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy and how to prevent it.

Uterine contraction

Tightening of the uterus that occurs on and off and for a short time during pregnancy and becomes more regular and stronger during labor.

Vulvar varicosities during pregnancy: What can you do?

Vulvar varicosities can cause discomfort during pregnancy. Understand what causes this form of varicose veins and learn how to get relief.

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