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Anti-seizure medications: Relief from nerve pain

Anti-seizure drugs designed to treat epilepsy often are used to control nerve pain associated with diabetes, shingles, and other types of nerve damage.

Tension-type headaches: Self-care measures for relief

Most headaches respond to medicine. But healthy lifestyle choices are important too.

Stem cells: What they are and what they do

Get answers about where stem cells come from, why they're important for understanding and treating disease, and the ethics of using them.

Fight coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission at home

Fight coronavirus at home by cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. Most common household disinfectants will kill the virus that causes COVID-19.

What is aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD)?

AERD, also called Samter's triad, has three features: asthma, recurring nasal polyps, and sensitivity to aspirin and drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen.

Cancer survival rate: What it means for your prognosis

No one can predict the future, but cancer survival rates can give you an idea of your prognosis. Should you pay attention to them?

Cancer diagnosis: 11 tips for coping

To face any difficult time in your life, you need effective coping strategies. These tips may help you deal with your cancer diagnosis.

Alzheimer's and memories: Use mementos as cues

A memory box filled with photos, letters and other mementos might help a loved one with Alzheimer's remember the past.

Burn safety: Protect your child from burns

Follow these tips to protect your child from burns.

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