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Mammogram — Comprehensive overview covers definition, risks, what to expect, and results of this breast X-ray test used in breast cancer diagnosis.

Mammogram: Can it find cancer in dense breasts?

Dense breasts can make a mammogram more difficult to interpret, but it's still a useful tool for breast cancer screening.

Video: Mammogram for breast cancer — What to expect

Watch video to see what it's like to have a mammogram, or breast cancer detection exam.

Breast lump: Early evaluation is essential

Find out how a breast lump is evaluated for breast cancer.

Breast implants: Do they interfere with mammograms?

Breast implants can interfere with your mammogram. Learn what you can do to make breast cancer screening more successful.

Breast reconstruction with implants

Find out what to expect if you're considering breast reconstruction with breast implants after mastectomy. Includes pre-pectoral implant placement.


A fibroadenoma is a type of noncancerous (benign) breast lump. Unless you have symptoms that bother you, treatment might not be needed.

Mammary duct ectasia

Mammary duct ectasia is a noncancerous breast condition that affects the milk ducts. Learn the signs and symptoms and when treatment might be needed.

Breast reconstruction with flap surgery

Find out what to expect if you're considering breast reconstruction. Learn about the options, incuding TRAM, DIEP and latissimus dorsi flap procedures.


Learn more about how to prepare for this painless diagnostic test that creates detailed pictures of the inside of the body without using radiation.

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