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Transient global amnesia

When your memory suddenly disappears, it can be frightening — but transient global amnesia is typically temporary and harmless.

Slide show: Causes of back pain

Low back pain can have many causes. Check out the most common culprits.

Cold hands

Cold hands: Symptom — Learn about the possible causes of this uncomfortable condition.

Video: Blackened sole

Homemade blackening seasoning gives fresh sole a spicy kick.

Video: Chicken and zucchini quesadilla

These baked chicken quesadillas are packed with zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, diced jalapeno peppers and fresh lime juice.

Video: Lemon pudding cakes

This recipe makes six individual lemon pudding cakes — the perfect ending to your next dinner party.

Video: Quinoa cakes

Learn how to turn sweet potatoes, quinoa and Gruyere cheese into golden-brown, protein-packed cakes.

Sclerosing mesenteritis

In sclerosing mesenteritis, tissue in the abdomen becomes inflamed and scarred. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for this rare condition.

Hypothyroidism: Does it cause joint pain?

Hypothyroidism can cause muscle and joint problems, such as joint pain and stiffness.

Warm-mist versus cool-mist humidifier: Which is better for a cold?

Warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers are equally effective in humidifying the air.

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