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Sclerosing mesenteritis

In sclerosing mesenteritis, tissue in the abdomen becomes inflamed and scarred. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for this rare condition.

Jaw tumors and cysts

Also called odontogenic tumors and cysts, these typically benign lesions develop in the jawbone or the soft tissues in the mouth. They vary in severity.

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Lupus nephritis

Learn about this common lupus complication affecting the kidneys, including symptoms to watch for, how it's diagnosed and what treatments are available.


Learn more about the causes, symptoms, treatment and risks of this life-threatening, rare skin disorder, also called toxic epidermal necrolysis.

Central nervous system vascular malformations

Several types of this condition affect the blood vessels in the brain or spinal cord.

Typhoid fever

Learn more about the symptoms, cause and treatment of this serious bacterial infection.

Transient global amnesia

When your memory suddenly disappears, it can be frightening — but transient global amnesia is typically temporary and harmless.

Alcohol intolerance

Having an immediate reaction after drinking alcohol, such as a stuffy nose and skin flushing, might indicate alcohol intolerance.

Arteriovenous fistula

Irregular connections between arteries and veins may cause certain complications. Learn more about the causes and possible treatment options.

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