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Infants and toddlers: Infant and toddler health

Mayo Clinic Minute: Are you keeping your child as safe as possible in the car?

Find out how long to use a rear-facing car seat and how it can protect your child.

Flu shots for kids: Does my child need a flu shot?

Find out the latest recommendations for childhood flu vaccines.

Vaccination schedule: Why so many so fast?

Vaccination schedule — A Mayo Clinic specialist explains why young children need multiple vaccines.

Baby sign language: A good idea?

Understand the benefits of baby sign language.

Language development: Speech milestones for babies

Get the facts about baby speech and language development.

Breast-feeding beyond infancy: What you need to know

Understand the benefits of breast-feeding your child beyond his or her first year.

Stroller safety: Tips for parents

Find out how to choose and safely use your baby's stroller.

Baby Einstein videos: Good for infant development?

Baby Einstein videos might entertain your baby, but he or she will learn better through personal interaction.

Vaccines: Keep your child's shots on track

Vaccines protect children from serious and potentially fatal diseases. Know how to keep your child's vaccinations on track.

Car seat safety: Avoid 9 common mistakes

Consider common car seat mistakes and what you need to do to keep your kids safe on the road.

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