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Which CPAP masks are best for you?

CPAP masks come in a variety of styles. See some of your options.

Melanoma pictures to help identify skin cancer

See pictures of this type of skin cancer to know what skin changes might cause worry.

8 brain health tips for a healthier you

Follow these tips to protect your head and to stay active and engaged. Exercise, sleep, diet and social life are all important for a healthy brain.

Guide to different tick species and the diseases they carry

Learn about different tick species and some of the diseases they may carry.

Balance exercises

Balance exercises can improve your balance and help prevent falls. See how they're done.

Joint protection for people with hand arthritis

Joint protection — photos showing joint protection techniques to avoid hand arthritis pain.

How you hear

Your ears enable you to gather and interpret sounds from the world around you.

Poison ivy and other summer skin irritants

Take a look at these bumps, bites and rashes. Find out what causes them and how they can be treated.

Aquatic exercises

Thinking about signing up for an aquatic exercise class? Or trying water exercises on your own? Check out these pool moves.

Sun damage

See photos of common skin conditions that are caused by too much time in the sun.

Lecanemab for Alzheimer's disease: An option for you?

Learn whether the Alzheimer's disease medicine lecanemab may be a treatment for you.

Tips for choosing and using canes

A cane can improve balance and mobility. Learn about the choices that are available and how to use a cane correctly.

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