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Get to know the new Nutrition Facts label

The recently revamped label makes it easier than ever to make healthy food choices. Get the facts from a Mayo Clinic dietitian.

3 diet changes women over 50 should make right now

Your body changes as you age, so your diet needs to change, too. These tips from a Mayo Clinic wellness dietitian can help ensure you're getting the nutrients you need.

Want a healthier dinnertime? Science says change your eating space

How and where you eat matters. From your plate size to your table, these expert-approved tips will help you navigate dinnertime like a seasoned pro.

Nutrition rules that will fuel your workout

What you eat, and when you eat it, has a huge influence on your available energy level and how well you recover from a workout.

Bad food habits at work? Get back on track in 5 steps

Learn what research says about how changing your work environment and habits can help set you on a path to better health.

Carbohydrates: How carbs fit into a healthy diet

See why carbohydrates are important for your health and learn which ones to choose.

Boiling down the dietary guidelines

The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans boil down to a handful of key recommendations.

Added sugars: Don't get sabotaged by sweeteners

Dietary guidelines call for limiting added sugars to 10% of daily calories. See where added sugars are hiding and how to cut back.

Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes

Get the skinny on artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes.

Caffeine: How much is too much?

Is your caffeine habit causing problems? Find out how much is too much and if you need to curb your consumption.

Chart of high-fiber foods

Getting enough fiber? Find out the dietary fiber content of common foods.

Water: How much should you drink every day?

Know how much water to drink to stay healthy and hydrated.

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