A buildup of mucus in the nose, head and throat.


Catarrh is the irritation and swelling, also known as inflammation, of the inner linings of the nose and throat, also known as mucous membranes. The inflammation causes a buildup of mucus. A cold, allergy, infection or tiny growths, known as polyps, in the lining of the nose or sinuses can cause the condition.


Symptoms vary. But symptoms might include a runny or stuffed nose, a feeling that something's stuck in the throat, and a constant cough.


To ease symptoms, drink fluids and rinse the nose with salt water. Use a device to add moisture to air in the home, known as a humidifier. Stay away from things that can irritate the nose, such as dust and smoke. Steroid nasal sprays and medicines to unclog the nose, known as decongestants, might help.

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