FAQs – FollowMyHealth

How do I sign up?

Go directly to the portal website by visiting stclair.followmyhealth.com and begin your enrollment there.

Please note- The first and last name used to create your FollowMyHealth account must match the name on the insurance card you provided to St. Clair Hospital during your visit or you will not be able to access your records.  DO NOT USE nicknames when you create your account.

For more detailed instructions on creating your account please see our Account Creation Guide.

My spouse and I have the same e-mail address. Can we both use the same e-mail account?

Yes, you and your spouse can share an email.  If your email is used as the username, and your spouse wants to create a FollowMyHealth account, your spouse will need to create a different username.

How do I log into FollowMyHealth?

You can log into your FollowMyHealth account by:

Who can participate?

Patients ages 18 and older.

Can I view a family member’s health record in the FMH Portal?

Yes.  If you are the guardian of a minor or dependent adult, you can receive access by requesting a Proxy Account. First, you must create an account for yourself.  Then request access to the portal for the minor or dependent adult by contacting the St. Clair Medical Records Department and request a Proxy Form- 412-942-1102.

I created a FollowMyHealth account, so why can’t I see my lab results?

  • First, ensure you are connected to “St. Clair Hospital & Physicians Organization” by logging into your account and going to “My Account”- “Connections.” If you do not see that connection, add it to connect to your records.

Please note- Once you create your account, it can take up to 48 hours to complete your connection request.

  • If you are already connected to “St. Clair Hospital & Physicians Organization” or did not receive an invitation email, please contact support by emailing [email protected] or calling 412- 942-7600

For more detailed instructions on adding your connection please see our Account Creation Guide.

Can I still request printed copies of discharge papers, test results, etc?

Yes.  If you prefer printed copies of your medical records or do not have access to a computer or smartphone you may still request printed copies of any medical records from your physician’s office directly or the St. Clair Hospital Medical Records Department- 412-942-1102.