At St. Clair Health, Walgreens is a big part of Dunlap Family Outpatient Center’s emphasis on an enhanced, integrated experience for inpatients being discharged to home, same-day surgery patients, and emergency department patients. And with Walgreens, we can better serve all of them.

Conveniently located in the main lobby of the new Dunlap Family Outpatient Center, the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy has major advantages for patients, their families, caregivers, and the overall community.

Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is unique to the Pittsburgh region as it’s the only one within a 300 mile radius of
St. Clair Health. The specialty pharmacy is able to offer complete specialized care with a range of medications, therapies and services to make managing your condition easier. 

Visit our community-based specialty pharmacy for:

  • Insurance verification and help with prior authorization—our onsite, experienced staff can help verify insurance within minutes and make sure your leaving with everything you need. 
  • Side effect management and adherence support—Our specialty pharmacy understands how medication and a routine regimen can be confusing and they are here to support you through every step. 
  • Financial assistance support—our onsite staff members are trained to help find financial support for patients.
  • Safe, on-time delivery of medications—we’re dedicated to keeping our patients on track with their medication/treatment plan. Our onsite staff will travel through St. Clair’s campus to deliver a patient’s medication to their bedside or patients/family members have the opportunity to stop at the pharmacy upon leaving their appointment. 

St. Clair Health and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy have partnered on the MedsInHand™ program, inaugurated in the Fall of 2021 with the mission to get patients the right medication as efficiently as possible so they can concentrate on their recovery—not tracking down prescriptions.

The MedsInHand program, a service offered directly through the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy located within Dunlap Family Outpatient Center, saves patients a stop at the drugstore on their way home and eases the transition from Hospital care to their home life—all while reducing the likelihood that they’ll have to come back. Working together, St. Clair and Walgreens ensure that patients have everything they need when they leave the Hospital, following up to make sure they’re using their medications properly.

This new program is especially convenient for patients battling cancer. Every aspect of the care they need resides on
St. Clair’s main campus—from medical oncology, surgical oncology, the infusion center and other services offered through St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center, including radiation oncology in the adjacent Hospital.

Expert care from people who care. The partnership with Walgreens is a direct connection to St. Clair’s commitment to excellence, providing the kind of patient-first attention to detail that patients can count on—and that begins with the passionate people driving the program. Our employees are extremely excited to be here and be able to provide this extraordinary care to all of the patients at St. Clair. We take great pride in having the opportunity to coordinate such a positive experience—from identifying problems to answering patients’ questions in real time, directly, at their bedside.