Anxiety. Depression. Panic disorders.

These mental health issues — and many more — can affect any person of any age. Forty-four million adults will require treatment during their lifetimes. And yet far too often, mental health still carries a stigma. But the fact is, these disorders are not the result of personal weakness. They’re the result of a physical condition in the brain.

The good news is that with the right care, people will generally recover from mental illness. Providing the right care is what St. Clair Hospital Psychiatry and Mental Health services are all about.

At St. Clair Hospital, the science of medicine meets the art of human compassion. Our approach is to care for the whole person with quality, state-of-the-art treatment and genuine support from our multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals. Our individualized treatments are evidence-based and can include medication, various psychotherapy options, group therapy and electroconvulsive therapy.

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All of the psychiatrists on staff at St. Clair Hospital are board-certified. Search for a doctor in our online physician directory.

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