Emergency Services

Consistently ranked among the nation's best for patient satisfaction, St. Clair's Emergency Department (ER) treats more than 60,000 patients a year. The physicians, nurses and clinical staff deliver high-quality, compassionate, timely care – the hallmarks of a world-class acute care hospital.

Home to the latest advances in emergency medicine and technology, the ER medical staff treats every age group, with every kind of problem imaginable: chest pain and heart attack, stroke, asthma attack, cancer complication, sports injuries and more. Not all problems in the ER are life threatening, but they are all urgent to the patients we serve.

The  30,000-square-foot ER features: 

  • 46 patient treatment rooms (each with cardiac monitoring capabilities);
  • 3 psychiatry and mental health treatment rooms;
  • 24/7 in-hospital pediatricians; staff members are trained in Pediatric Advanced Life Support;
  • A nursing staff specially trained in Emergency Medicine;
  • Low nurse-to-patient ratios; and
  • A seamless transition from “ER to room” for patients who are admitted for further treatment. 

About the Space

The ER is divided into pods or zones, allowing staff to focus their time and attention on patients in their respective areas. Each pod is anchored by a nurse’s station. Upon entering the ER, all patients are greeted by an intake nurse who registers and assesses patients’ conditions before assigning them to the correct pods for treatment.

More Information

For more information on Emergency Services, please call 412.942.2701.

St. Clair Urgent Care

If you need immediate care, but not a visit to the Emergency Room, St. Clair Urgent Care is available to help you. St. Clair Urgent Care is located within the St. Clair Hospital Outpatient Center-Village Square in Bethel Park, which has many of the physicians and diagnostic services you need, under one roof. It’s care you know. And trust. When you need it.

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