Testing and Screening

Testing at St. Clair

Our clinical experts have developed algorithms and screening protocols for patients who should be tested for COVID-19 prior to their visit or procedure. These algorithms and protocols are fully consistent with CDC guidelines, as well as those developed by our clinical partner, Mayo Clinic.

If testing is indicated based on the algorithms and our screening protocols, you will be referred to our drive-through COVID-19 testing center on Broughton Road in Bethel Park. You must have a prescheduled appointment to be tested there.

COVID Triage Line

St. Clair Urgent Care will now handle requests for screening and testing.

In an effort to best assess and treat patients, callers with COVID symptoms and requesting testing will be directed to St. Clair Urgent Care. Patients who have been exposed to COVID-19 and have health-related questions should contact their Primary Care Physician (PCP) office first. If you’re searching for a new (PCP) in your area, please click here to find a physician close to you.

St. Clair Urgent Care is open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. These additional hours of availability will help meet the community’s increased demand for diagnostic support.

In order to offer a comprehensive care experience, all symptomatic, unvaccinated patients will be scheduled for a telemedicine visit and symptomatic, vaccinated patients will be seen in person or via telemedicine with St. Clair Urgent Care. 

After assessment, if a COVID, flu or strep test are needed, drive through testing is available 7 days a week. St. Clair Urgent Care does not perform testing for asymptomatic patients. 

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The COVID Triage Line is 412.942.8800. Click here to call the COVID Triage Line on your mobile device.