Price Estimates

Patient Estimates is not a list of charges, but a user-friendly tool that is highly specific to the individual. Based on information provided by each patient’s specific health benefit plan, Patient Estimates instantly produces highly accurate out-of-pocket cost estimates, customized to the patient’s specific services at St. Clair Hospital and its Outpatient Centers. A national leader in quality and patient satisfaction, you’ll also find St. Clair is often the lowest cost provider. 

Patients searching for more information about out-of-pocket estimates for specific health care services should contact St. Clair Health Financial Services line at 412.344.3408. Please click here for more information about Financial Assistance. 

Price Estimator Tool

St. Clair Health provides a self-service, online Price Estimator Tool that can be used to generate the most accurate out-of-pocket cost for over 300 common services. In three easy steps, you will get an up-to-date estimate of your personal costs (deductible, co-insurance and co-pay), customized to your health insurance and the services you selected.

Participating Insurance Plans

St. Clair Hospital makes navigating the healthcare landscape easy because St. Clair participates with every major insurer in almost every product. Click here to access the list of health insurance products which are out-of-network at St. Clair, as well as a list of insurance products that are in-network at St. Clair. If you have further questions about whether your health insurance coverage will allow you access to St. Clair’s nationally recognized services at in-network rates, please call our Customer Service line at 412.344.3408 to speak to a St. Clair representative.