About Us

The St. Clair Health Residency Program is dedicated to cultivating an outstanding educational experience for diverse medical trainees, characterized by compassionate patient care, a profound grasp of medical science, and an unwavering dedication to clinical and academic excellence. Central to our mission is the cultivation of curiosity, professionalism, diversity, trainee well-being, collaboration, and community engagement. Our goal is to graduate physicians who are compassionate, ethical, and proficient, ready to make a meaningful impact in healthcare.

Meet the Team

Amy Bunger, PhD

Chief Academic Officer and Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

Kaitlin DeFazio, OTR/L, MS

Manager, University Relations and Learner Placement
  • Stipends & Benefits
  • Well-Being
  • Contracts
  • Affiliation Agreements

Amy Packard, PhD

Institutional Coordinator and GME Research Director
  • Accreditation
  • Evaluations
  • Scholarly Activity

A message from our Chief Academic Officer and Designated Institutional Official (DIO)

Amy Bunger, PhD

Dear Resident,

Welcome to Graduate Medical Education (GME) at St. Clair Health. Here, you will find that we’ve manifested the best of the best of our collective prior GME experiences to bring education excellence to life at St. Clair Health in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

We’re proud that our overarching education strategy mirrors the standards of excellence commensurate with our Sponsoring Institution’s five-star quality rating from CMS and ‘A’ Hospital Safety Grade from The Leapfrog Group. We hold the highest expectations for our residency education, and by extension, our faculty hold these standards for themselves in service to your growth and the GME residency programs at St. Clair Health.

In founding our de novo approach to GME, we have created a learner-facing pedagogy that we believe will serve new physicians like you throughout the life course of the meaningful work you have chosen. The tenets that illustrate our design include:

  • A commitment to a growth mindset
  • An emphasis on not only achievement but also genuine learning
  • A collaborative partnership to ensure you progress in the direction of your desired professional trajectory and identity
  • A framework to maximize your well-being during this transitional phase, which will build the foundation to support the rest of your career
  • The opportunity to experience agency and a team approach in our aspirational GME residency programs
  • The discovery of contributions in creating health equity and emerging models of care
  • An experience that reinforces the deep meaning of your chosen profession, as well as reminds you why you chose to pursue medicine

At St. Clair Health, our Board of Directors, President and CEO, senior leadership team, Office of GME, and faculty are aligned to invest in your success. We are collectively embarking on our education journey in support of physicians like you—which will ultimately serve our patients, our community, and Western Pennsylvania.

It is a profound privilege to journey with you and contribute to your professional identity as a physician. We look forward to learning with you.


Amy Bunger, PhD
Vice President, Chief Academic Officer & Designated Institution Official