St. Clair Hospital Fund

Some six decades ago, South Hills residents saw a critical need for local, quality health care. Their grassroots fundraising campaigns resulted in the opening of St. Clair Hospital in 1954. Now an integral part of the community, St. Clair continues to grow and remains one of the Pittsburgh area’s few independent hospitals.

While St. Clair has grown in ways the founders might never have anticipated, the Hospital remains committed to its core values as it cares for more than 286,000 patients each year. Yet, the changing medical landscape across the country has set all hospitals on an uncharted course, challenging healthcare providers in their efforts to continue growing and to offer the most advanced, yet still affordable, medical services to their patients.

St. Clair is dedicated to expanding and ensuring access to quality health care services and programs for members of our community. By donating to the St. Clair Hospital Fund, we can allocate funding to the Hospital’s highest priorities. This can include state-of-the-art technological advances, updated medical equipment and devices, funding for programs that provide access to healthcare to our community members, and more. Please, donate today to support the Hospital’s greatest needs.


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