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Artist: Richard D. Ling & Lois (Ling) Chajkowski 

On display at the Hospital from September – October 2022


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Richard D. Ling

When I was a kid in the eighth grade, I began some serious sketching. Some of the kids in the neighborhood began teasing me saying “… why are you wasting your time when your sketching’s are terrible and funny?” Foolishly, those kinds of criticisms led to many fights, and sadly, forced me to stop sketching.

Now, sixty years later, I have rekindled my “new” passion and I am very satisfied and eager to start new paintings!

I hope you like these paintings and decide to take a print of one home.

These paintings were created using modern oils. I am thankful for the paints and accessories of modern society because doing these the old-fashioned way would mean that my greens would contain arsenate and my reds would contain bugs’ blood and, since my time in Vietnam, I am not particularly fond of bugs!


Lois (Ling) Chajkowski 

Lois Chajkowski was always creative, inventive, and had many interests.

After growing up on the South Side, she moved to the suburbs and raised a family in Castle Shannon, and then moved to Franklin Park. She was an avid reader, a Girl Scout leader, grew roses, sewed, crocheted, loved to cook, and more. She graduated from college in her fifties and then took up a paintbrush. The popular Bob Ross inspired her to buy an easel, brushes, and paints. She bought books on technique and mediums, and was self-taught. She loved color and painting water scenes, still life, and landscapes. She loved to shop and could not pass up a paintbrush if there was one in the store. Lois did not consider herself an artist until she started to paint. She had cancer that spread to the brain, which limited the use of her right hand. She only pursued treatment so that she might paint again.

Lois was smart, beautiful, funny, and loved to laugh. The artistic gene is scattered throughout the family. Her daughters, granddaughters, cousins, and their children also draw, paint, and sculpt. Lois was so loved and is so missed. It’s an honor to introduce a small part of her perspective.


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