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Artist: Susan Heller

On display at the Hospital from January – February 2023


Contact Us

For more information regarding a piece of art or how to purchase artwork, please call the Foundation at 412.942.2465.

Susan Heller

My artwork is inspired by my curiosity of the natural colorful world around me. My parents often took (and dragged) my sister and me to art museums and gardens on our travels. I am greatly influenced by my upbringing in South Africa, Canada, and US. I studied graphic design and color theory at the University of Maryland and worked in my early career as a professional digital illustrator and designer. Later, while raising my daughters, I spent my creative time making logos for businesses and selling art projects online. While my daughters were in grade school, I made a complete turnabout and went back to school to study medical ultrasound. I found this to be a good match for my interests in imaging and technology.

Even though I always identified myself as an artist, I had very little formal background education in the fine art of painting. My interest in traditional brush to canvas art was born out of the need to find more inner peace and calm amidst the growing unpredictability and chaos of life during the early days of the covid pandemic. I fell in love with acrylic intuitive painting where I could create with no rules, no technology, no plan and only my wild imagination. In a crowded corner of my home with a view of my urban backyard I escaped by making a fantastically big mess in my little studio space. The works you see here today are some of my favorites and I welcome you to take a look both from afar and up close because life is all about the fun found in the tiny little details.

All artwork is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact St. Clair Health Foundation at 412-942-2465 or by emailing [email protected]. 20% of proceeds will be donated to the St. Clair Health Foundation. You can find me on Instagram @susanhellerart.