Community Collaborations: Strengthening Connections for a Stronger Community

St. Clair Health, established in 1954, originated with the goal of addressing the unmet needs of the community, a commitment that endures today. Our foundation is rooted in the efforts of ordinary individuals—volunteers who worked hard going door-to-door for donations and the collaborative initiatives of women’s groups and business leaders that were all guided by the shared motto, “Together we can do it.” This grassroots community initiative has persevered for 70 years, evolving into a cutting-edge medical facility. Regardless of technological advancements and facility growth, we stay true to our roots, consistently honoring our humble beginnings and maintaining a steadfast dedication to the community and the individuals who laid the foundation.

St. Clair Health is broadening its community impact through collaborations with numerous nonprofit organizations and charitable programs, all aimed at fostering access to health care and ensuring healthy living environments. Below, you’ll find a summary of select community partners and their engagement with St. Clair.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of Before & After School as well as summer day camp programming in the region, is a licensed childcare provider, and offers scholarships to families in need. Programming includes academic literacy, STEM enrichment, sports and recreational activities and mentoring. Additionally, BGCWPA serves young adults ages 18-24 through workforce development programming.

St. Clair actively engages in the annual Holiday party hosted by the club, contributing by providing gifts, snacks and refreshments for the event. Moreover, St. Clair has made financial contributions that directly support the club’s fundraising campaign aimed at securing funds for a new facility roof.

FAM (Food Assistance Match)

Food Assistance Match, Inc. (FAM) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to fresh, nutritious food from local farmers and small businesses for individuals and families who are most in need. Through its novel, dignity-first approach, FAM addresses food insecurity challenges while supporting the enterprises and communities that are the fabric of southwestern Pennsylvania at select farmers markets in the region.

St. Clair’s recent collaboration with FAM is to support the food-insecure community in the South Hills area. Through this partnership, St. Clair contributes matching funds to amplify FAM’s impact, specifically directed towards individuals attending the Bethel Park Farmers Market. The overarching objective is to sustain this matching fund initiative at local farmers markets.

Gateway Rehab

Gateway Rehab is a highly regarded, nonprofit organization with national recognition, specializing in the treatment of adults, youth, and families dealing with alcohol and other drug dependencies. Over 100,000 individuals have received treatment through the Gateway system, which spans across western Pennsylvania solidifying its impact on the field of addiction treatment.

In an effort to provide comprehensive care, St. Clair Health and Gateway Rehab collaborate closely. St. Clair plays a vital role in stabilizing patients experiencing emergency medical distress, and during this critical time, Certified Recovery Specialists from Gateway Rehab are on-site to engage with patients. This collaboration is designed to seamlessly transition patients from stabilization at the Hospital to the continuum of care offered by Gateway Rehab.

Jared Box

The Jared Box Project was started in 2001 by the children of Our Lady of Victory School in State College, Pennsylvania, to honor their classmate and friend, Jared. He was a brave little boy who battled cancer with a courage and faith that continues to inspire us all.

The organization is actively involved in the ‘Give Local’ initiative, where thousands of groups, families, and individuals contribute by creating and delivering Jared boxes to hospitals in their respective communities. St. Clair Health proudly supports this initiative and expresses deep gratitude to the local community for their generous contributions to the hospital and the families experiencing a challenging stay.

Leadership Development LLC.

Leadership (LEAD) Development LLC, founded by Allegheny County Judge Ron Arnoni and National Youth Speaker Mr. Brad Killmeyer, is dedicated to fostering resilient communities. The organization conducts school-wide assemblies for 6th-12th-grade students and tailors personalized Student Leadership Academies to address the unique needs of various student groups, including government and student-athletes.

The LEAD program operates on a three-tier system, concentrating on substance disorder (vaping, alcohol, drug use), social media (cyberbullying and internet safety), and cultivating leadership skills (accountability, responsible decision-making, and mental health). This proactive educational approach aims to equip youth with the tools to navigate challenging situations, prevent potential issues, and encourage those in need to seek assistance.

St. Clair Health actively collaborates with the LEAD Program, contributing to its mission of educating students. This partnership gives St. Clair clinicians the opportunity to speak at local school assemblies, delivering vital information on topics such as e-cigarettes, mental health, and other pertinent subjects.

The Little Fox Foundation

The Little Fox – Toby’s Foundation, established in 2018, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is dedicated to providing support for families who are grieving the loss of an infant. Additionally, the foundation focuses on educating individuals on Safe Sleep Practices and actively promotes awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to new and expectant parents throughout the United States. Through its multifaceted approach, the foundation strives to offer comfort to grieving families while imparting crucial information to enhance the safety and well-being of infants nationwide.

St. Clair Health and The Little Fox Foundation share a commitment to our community and patients, ensuring that each family receives the necessary support during and after the profound and tragic loss of an infant. This collaborative dedication underscores a compassionate approach to addressing the unique needs of grieving families and contributing to their healing process.

Living Stones

Living Stones, located in the South Hills, is a nonprofit committed to providing hot meals to community members in need while also reducing food waste in the greater Pittsburgh area. In addition to providing weekly hot meals, the organization also holds other events that supply free clothing, haircut events, craft days, and health care education/vaccine clinics.

In this partnership, St. Clair takes the opportunity to make a distinctive contribution to the community by donating excess food from our Nutritional Services department. Living Stones actively collects frozen surplus food each week to incorporate into its Sunday Meal events. Furthermore, as part of our commitment, St. Clair offers complimentary flu shots during the Sunday Meal events in September and October. Additionally, every November, St. Clair employees generously contribute winter apparel, ensuring that Living Stone neighbors have access to warm clothing for the season.

Outreach Teen & Family Services

Outreach Teen & Family Services, a non-profit counseling agency situated in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, has been dedicated to serving youth and families for nearly five decades. The organization offers professional, confidential, and affordable counseling services addressing a wide range of issues, including anger management, family problems, school-related challenges, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

St. Clair has been a long term partner with Outreach and currently are supporting its “Teens Tap In” podcast that’s available through its Youth Support Program. Outreach Teen & Family Services helps St. Clair reach a younger demographic and tap into families that may need additional health care support.

South Hills Interfaith Movement

The South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) is a nonprofit social service agency dedicated to addressing the urgent needs of individuals and families facing financial challenges in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. St. Clair extends its support to SHIM through financial contributions, ensuring the provision of food, fresh vegetables, complimentary flu vaccines, and health care assistance. These resources are made available to individuals or families who are in need of healthy-living assistance, emphasizing a holistic approach to community well-being.

St. Clair Health envisions a community where healthy lifestyles are the standard, ensuring that residents in every neighborhood have access to health education, disease prevention, screenings, and primary care. Through strategic partnerships with reputable nonprofit agencies that align with our values and goals, St. Clair Health extends its influence into the community. By leveraging these partnerships, we aim to build upon existing strengths and enhance services, ultimately contributing to the improvement of health and overall quality of life for individuals in the community. Click here to learn more about community outreach and volunteer opportunities at St. Clair Health.