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Post Gazette: These 3 sets of moms and daughters work together at a Western Pa. hospital

When Lisa Kulesa, Linda Gardner and Betty Strotz started their careers 20 or more years ago at St. Clair Hospital, only one was a mother. The last thing they imagined was that their daughters would join them one day at work.

But that is exactly what happened, and all three are delighted to share a workplace and so much more with their daughters.

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Tribune-Review: Girl Scouts donate cookies for St. Clair Hospital cancer patients

Patients receiving treatment at the St. Clair Hospital Cancer Center got a special treat courtesy of Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts.

The third- and fourth-grade students of Troop 60187 in Upper St. Clair packed up nearly 150 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and delivered them in March to Dr. Vince Reyes. He is assistant medical director for the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Medical Oncology Network and chief of hematology and medical oncology at St. Clair Health, located in Scott and Mt. Lebanon.

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