Clinical Development – Nurse Intern Program

Each summer, St. Clair Hospital sponsors a comprehensive Nurse Internship program for students that have completed the equivalent of their junior year of nursing school. The program is designed to provide the Intern with an opportunity to be paired with a preceptor to fine tune their clinical skills, build confidence, nurture critical thinking and develop time management skills in a fast-paced profession.

In order to be considered for a Nurse Intern opportunity, please review our Employment Opportunities section during October for additional information. Selected candidates will begin the eight-week-long program in the early summer between their junior and senior years.

St. Clair Hospital Visits Your Campus

Throughout the year, the recruitment team at St. Clair Hospital attends various college, university, and technical school events. During these events, students, alumni, and often the public, may inquire about career opportunities with the Hospital.



St. Clair Hospital Job Fairs

Representatives from St. Clair Hospital attend various recruitment events throughout the Pittsburgh area. We look forward to meeting you at these events.