St. Clair Health Cardiac Surgery

Under the leadership of Dr. Andy Kiser, a new era for cardiac care at St. Clair Health has been established. The cardiac surgery program has rapidly expanded and St. Clair is well known for its remarkable outcomes across the region, while performing increasingly complex cardiac surgery. St. Clair provides advanced technological services, but also compassionate and patient-centered care for our community.

St. Clair routinely performs monumental cases, close to home, that were once only offered at tertiary and academic institutes. These services include multiple arterial grafts in bypass surgery, minimally invasive surgery, complicated redo operations, aneurysm surgery including aortic arch and root pathology, valve repairs and surgery in heart failure patients including temporary mechanical support and arrhythmia surgery.

One of the reasons why we can offer such exceptional outcomes is because of our multidisciplinary approach and the use of the latest technology—including TAVR, Mitraclip and Watchman devices.  We hold regular patient-centered collaborative discussions with all service lines involved to understand the best treatment options tailored to each patient.

Although we are known for our technical strengths, our true passion is the people. We know that it takes a team to fully care for complex cardiac problems. Our experienced nurses, nurse practitioners, perfusionists, respiratory therapists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists and surgeons routinely collaborate to provide expert care for our cardiac patients.

Whether you need a bypass operation, valve repair, arrhythmia surgery or a complex redo multivalve operation, rest assured that our team of experts is fully equipped to handle these issues with the utmost set of skills, years of experience and full-hearted compassion.

Meet the Surgeons

Andy C. Kiser, M.D., FACS, FACC, FCCP

Muhammad Salman, M.D., FACS


Dunlap Family Outpatient Center
1000 Bower Hill Road
Suite 7400
Pittsburgh, PA 15243
(412) 942-5728

Patient Story

Jessica gave birth to her fifth child with no complications, and within two weeks, ended up in the emergency room in cardiac arrest. Learn more about Jessica’s story and her road to recovery. 

Let’s Ask the Experts

In this series of Ask the Expert, our cardiology experts at St. Clair Health provide information about the cardiovascular services offered and the importance of clear communication with your specialist during every step. 

Cardiac Surgery Preparation

At St. Clair Health, we understand that preparing for heart surgery can be a time of uncertainty and stress. To help you feel more informed and at ease, we have created a series of pre and post-operative videos.

Preparing for Your Heart Surgery: Watch Our Informational Video

Welcome to St. Clair Health’s Heart Surgery Preparation Resource. We know that preparing for heart surgery can be overwhelming, and we are here to support you every step of the way. To help you feel more confident and ready for your upcoming procedure, we have created a short, informative video.

Post-Surgery Care: Steps for a Speedy Recovery

Congratulations on successfully completing your heart surgery at St. Clair Health! Now, let’s focus on your recovery. To ensure a smooth and speedy recovery, it’s important to follow these steps shown in the video.