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About St. Clair


Hospital Board of Directors

Andrew Aloe
Frank Arcuri, Esq.
Joseph Banko
Stephanie Brown, M.D.
Karl E. Bushman, M.D.
James M. Collins
Robert Daley
Kim Edvardsson
Mario J. Fatigati, M.D.
Gary G. Glausser
Andrew R. Hays


David R. Heilman, Chairman
David R. Jardini
Donald J. Jenkins                                      Joan L. Massella
Thomas M. Medwig
Donald P. Orr, M.D.
Harry E. Serene, M.D.
Joseph B. Smith
G. Alan Yeasted, M.D.
Mark Zacur
Gary J. Zentner

Senior Management

James M. Collins
President and Chief Executive Officer

G. Alan Yeasted, M.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Andrea L. Kalina
Vice President of External Affairs and
Chief Human Resources Officer

Richard J. Schaeffer
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Barry S. Zaiser

Senior Vice President and
Chief Strategic Officer


Michael J. Flanagan
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Richard C. Chesnos
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Joan L. Massella
Administrative Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Charles J. Rakaczky                               Vice President, Physician Network

Our Vision

St. Clair Health Corporation is the South Hills' leading healthcare provider, excelling in performance and service.

Our Mission

To provide highly valued, service-oriented healthcare to the community.

Our Values

Compassion, Performance, Innovation, Pride and Integrity