Diabetes Center

Over 29 million Americans have diabetes, and more than a quarter of them do not know they have it.  Unfortunately, residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania are not immune to these startling statistics.

In fact, Southwestern Pennsylvania holds the unenviable distinction of having one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes in the country.  That is why St. Clair Hospital established the most comprehensive diabetes center in the South Hills.  It is specifically designed to help our community deal with this growing health issue.  People with diabetes need the qualified expertise of endocrinologists, dietitians, and diabetes educators to help them with their management of the condition.  St. Clair Hospital’s Diabetes Center provides this expertise in a caring atmosphere at a convenient location.

As part of our Diabetes Empowerment Program, we work with patients and their primary care physicians to provide the comprehensive education and the support patients need to stay healthy with diabetes.  Abiding by our motto, "We help, we don't judge", we partner with individuals to develop personalized plans for managing diabetes that take into account their unique needs and preferences.

Education and training address such topics as:

  • what diabetes is
  • meal planning
  • blood glucose monitoring
  • diabetes medications and insulin administration
  • recommended exams
  • strategies for achieving personal goals

The St. Clair Hospital Diabetes Center offers a highly trained staff with many years of experience in diabetes care.  We are located in the St. Clair Hospital Outpatient Center - Village Square, 2000 Oxford Drive, Bethel Park, adjacent to South Hills Village. For more information, please call 412.942.2151

St. Clair Endocrinologist, Wayne Evron, M.D., discusses diabetes in an interview with The Almanac.



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