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Cancer Care

Breast Care Center

St. Clair Hospital’s Breast Care Center offers education, early detection, treatment services and the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology in an environment of comfort and convenience.

Our experienced and dedicated surgeons and radiologists read more than 7,000 mammograms annually and they, along with pathologists, nurses, technologists, and other medical personnel, are specially trained in the care and treatment of breast disease. 

St. Clair's state-of-the-art Breast Care Center at the Outpatient Center, Village Square in Bethel Park is a 6,000-square-foot suite configured to maximize patient privacy and efficiency.

The Breast Care Center is home to the most advanced imaging equipment, including MRI, ultrasound and Digital 3D Breast Tomosynthesis. The all-digital center allows women to have their mammograms completed in 30 minutes.

Because having a mammogram is an emotional and often stressful event for women, the center offers a space with a higher level of comfort and aesthetics than what is typically found in medical settings.  There are private dressing rooms, including two that are directly attached to a mammography room.  Even the acoustics were addressed in the facility, with soundproofing on doors to assure confidentiality of conversations with doctors or technicians.  The center features three mammography rooms; two ultrasound rooms; three examination rooms; two mammography reading rooms; three offices; and four consulting rooms.


For answers to frequently asked questions about breast cancer screening, click here for an entire conversation with Dr. Sherri H. Chafin.


St. Clair Hospital Breast Care Center: 412.942.3177
To schedule an appointment please call 412-942-8150.


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Review our list of services below.


Service   Details

Prevention and Early Detection Services

  • Digital screening mammograms
  • Digital diagnostic mammograms
  • Self-breast exam teaching
  • Group rates on screening mammograms
  • Resource library with a special section dedicated to breast care and breast cancer
  • Annual breast cancer screening
  • American Cancer Society mammogram voucher program

Diagnostic Services

  • Comprehensive breast imaging consultation for breast problems, including mammography with special imaging techniques and breast ultrasound. Immediate results provided.
  • Breast localizations
  • Breast biopsies:  ultrasound
  • Cyst aspirations
  • Complete pathology evaluation, including cytology and histology of breast tissue
  • MRI
  • 3D Breast Tomosynthesis

Support Services

  • Assistance with navigation through the complex health care system 
  • ImageExchange — Breast cancer support group, First Steps, Look Good….Feel Better, Breast prosthesis fitting service
  • Social Services
  • Support Groups
  • Nutritional counseling service
  • Individual counseling service
  • Education/support provided by a Cancer Care Specialist and a breast cancer survivor
  • “Satchels of Caring” from CREW Pittsburgh
  • DVD exercise program for breast cancer survivors

Breast Care Physicians

Click on a physcian's name for their contact information.

Robert W. Bragdon, M.D.

Raye J. Budway, M.D.

Lori L. Cherup, M.D.

Ronald Fierro, M.D.

Natalie Furgiuele-Iracki, M.D.

Anthony R. Haradin, M.D.

Amelia A. Pare, M.D.

Jeffrey A. Perri, M.D.



Vincent Reyes, M.D.

William Perri, D.O.

Louis D. Pietragallo, M.D.

South Hills Radiology Associates
Department of Medical Imaging

Robert L. Volkin, M.D.

Robert Werner, M.D.

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