Healthcare Associated Infections Report

Healthcare Associated Infections Report
Progress in FY2013


A healthcare-associated infection is one that occurs while a patient is receiving care or as a result of care or treatment received in a healthcare facility (such as a hopsital or nursing home).

The following data show the most-up-to-date information for St. Clair Hospital.




FY2013 How Are We Doing?

Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infections



3 fewer patients developed a CAUTI; a 33% decrease

Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections



Very low CLABSI rates in FY2012 and FY2013

Surgical Site Infections - ALL Procedures



14 fewer patients developed a SSI; a 15% decrease

MRSA Infections (a particular type of bacteria that can cause an infection)



Two (2) fewer patients had infections with MRSA; a 14% decrease

C difficile Infections (an infection that results in diarrhea and is frequently seen while taking or after completing a course of antibiotics)



17 fewer patients developed C difficile infections; a 22% decrease


What Are We Doing? 

Everyday our staff uses practices to prevent infections. Things like being certain the right antiseptic is used when putting in a central line, being certain the urinary catheter is removed as soon as possible, washing his/her hands, and wearing gown and gloves when necessary, to mention a few.

We have teams assigned to work to decrease all of the above noted infections. In particular, the team working to decrease C difficile infections is addressing topics such as antibiotic use and cleaning of the environment and equpment.

St. Clair hospital is committed to patients' well-being and the prevention of healthcare associated infections through the use of recommended practices.