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Benefit Options

Paid Time-Off Benefits


Full-time employees accrue vacation days based on full-time years of service and position status. The minimum accrual is 10 days per calendar year (80 hours are accrued in a twelve month period). The maximum accrual is 25 days per calendar year (200 hours are accrued in a twelve month period) after 25 years of service. Part-time employees accrue vacation days based on their budgeted hours. Accrued vacation may be carried over limited to twice the annual accrual.

Vacation Buy-Back

Since the purpose of vacation time is to provide a period for rest and relaxation, the Hospital encourages all employees to utilize the vacation time benefits they accrue. However, in the event an employee is unable to utilize his or her vacation time, the Hospital will buy back up to 40 hours of vacation time each year. This can be done once annually during the last pay period of the year upon employee request during the published sell-back time period.

Sick Time

Full-time employees accrue 10 sick days per calendar year (3.08 hours are accrued each pay period). All part-time employees accrue sick days based upon their budgeted hours.

The accrued sick balance carries over from year to year, uncapped, to be used for illness or injury during the elimination period for long-term disability benefits (if eligible). Accrued sick days are added to years of service at the time of retirement as an increase in the pension plan benefit service.

Paid Holidays

Full-time employees receive six paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Personal Days

St. Clair Hospital designates Personal Days as Select Days. All full-and part-time employees may purchase a maximum of eight Select Days. The hourly rate of pay times the number of hours purchased, divided by 24 pay periods, determines the payroll deduction. Unused Select Days are paid to the employee in the last paycheck of the year. Select time is pro-rated upon reclassification to stand-by status or termination of employment.


Full-time employees receive up to a maximum of three days of pay and part-time employees receive up to a maximum of two days of pay in the event of absence due to a death in their immediate families.

Jury Duty

Full-time employees will be granted up to 15 scheduled work days (up to 8 hours per day) per calendar year to participate in jury duty.  Part-time employees will be granted time off with pay equal to their budgeted hours (up to 8 hours per day) while on jury duty for a maximum of three weeks.

Military Leave

Employees of St. Clair Hospital are granted a leave of absence when they are called to volunteer for military duty. Employees returning from a military leave will be compensated at the same wage and salary scale position, had military service not intervened.